Richard was born in Detroit, MI and has been an entrepreneur
since he was 5 years old helping older ladies carry groceries to their
car working for tips only. Since then, he has worked in different
industries until he found his passion in real estate!

If you ask Richard what his passion is, he would tell you “to touch
people’s lives in a positive way”! He has demonstrated that passion
with his family, friends, and the hundreds of real estate agents he
has worked with since 2003, the year he launched his first real estate
team Kallabat Consultants.

Richard believes all sophisticated clients will want to work with a
team, and the future of real estate is servicing clients by a team of
professionals who specialize in defined areas. This thinking is what
caused him to join Keller Williams. Richard says, “I knew this was
where I needed to be to grow my innate leadership talent and overall
capabilities. KW is the only real estate company that teaches us how
to build a business with leverage.”

In 2008, he relocated to Dubai to pursue new and exciting
opportunities, and joined Bravo Real Estate as Managing Director.
Under his supervision, Bravo has grown to become a well respected and
top Brokerage in Dubai. In only a few months Richard took Bravo from
inception (paper) to reality (profits). Fresh from Dubai and having
been a student of International Markets and the psychology of Foreign
Investors, Richard wanted to expand his knowledge diversity while
returning to the USA.

Richard loves coaching and advising Realtors to create a real estate
brand identity that will attract and show value to today’s savvy
clients. He also enjoys developing and implementing strategies and
systems focused on improving overall business performance and

Since becoming Managing Director of KW Miami in 2011, he has grown the
office from 100 agents to now over 230, while increasing overall
profits by more than 550%. Richard has overseen thousands of real
estate transactions valued over $1 Billion! He has worked with real
estate agents all over the world and has a passion for consulting and
coaching agents to help them achieve their goals and realize their